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Golden Osetra (Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii) is our finest caviar, with a regal golden glow and a fantastically clean, buttery flavor and aftertaste. As only 8% of the harvest, “gold” is one of the rarest colors on the caviar spectrum.

Under the guidance of veritable masters of the caviar trade, whose families have sustained the highest quality practices in Russian and Caspian caviar for generations, this Golden Osetra is simply divine, given its delicate, seamless, complex, rich, gently nutty and roasted profile. It is made without the use of borax, pasteurization methods, coloring agents, or any other unscrupulous techniques. This diligence not only yields luxuriously delicious offerings, but guarantees 100% traceability from fish to jar, and introduces unparalleled consistency throughout the year.

Produced in the Netherlands.



**5 day lead time**


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Golden Osetra

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